Tuesday, August 11, 2009


--Diapers: We have settled on Whole Foods' brand, 365. We tried Earth's Best, but Lydia developed a bit of diaper rash when we switched, so we moved on to 365. So far, so good!

--Nighttime: With the fantastic support and encouragement of my friends on the internets as well as on the advice of my doula (doulas are for life, I'm telling you!), I have given up the 2 AM pumping session. I can already tell a difference in my energy level! I'm still managing to put a bit of milk in the freezer each week, so I'm hoping that between pumping before bed and at work, I'll be able to keep up with Lydia's demand. If not, we'll consider our options then. Lydia has still been sleeping 8-10 hrs. consistently with the occasional 11 or 12 hr. stretch thrown in, so she goes to bed around 7:30 and usually wakes up between 4:30 and 5:15. I have been nursing her then and putting her back in her crib. She almost always goes back to sleep right away and sleeps until 7 or 7:30. We're going to gradually move this up to 6:30 during the next week, because she will need to get up then to make it to daycare by 8 so I can get to work by 8:15.

--Rolling: Lydia rolls over ALL THE TIME now! We had one rough night when she kept rolling onto her tummy, waking up, freaking out, and getting too worked up to go to sleep. She figured everything out over the course of a couple of hours and now
promptly rolls over and goes to sleep nearly every time I put her in the crib.

--Solids: We have introduced rice cereal, sweet potatoes, and peas with great success. Lydia is a huge fan! Last night, we learned that she actually does have preferences when we tried to give her avocados. She kept grimacing, turning her head, and actually gagging. We're going to try again later this week, but apparently there will be no guacamole for Lydia for now!

Finally, here is a video of Lydia loving the jumperoo lent to us by Jessica, Aaron, and Aidan. Until yesterday, she would pretty much just hang out in the jumperoo and play with the toys on it, but yesterday I put her in it while I took a shower (hence the strange hallway location of the video), and she started jumping away. I especially love the way she goes nuts at the end!


  1. Just so ya know....enjoy that sleeping bit now. Biz slept through the night at 7 weeks and did that until about 10 months. The she started getting molars. Yeah...let me tell you how fun molars are. All other teething pales in comparison to the special hell that is molars! So rest up mama! You're gonna need it!

    PS - Biz is now 2 1/2 and STILL gets up at least 2 times a night.

  2. Laurie,
    I want to tell you how much we enjoy reading your blog at the Lundborg house. Jim pulls up a chair and we both read every word. The pictures are wonderful and the videos are a hoot!
    You have an electronic "baby book" that will hold your memories forever. You write with warmth, humor and intelligence.
    I feel like you, your mom and I have "tea" everyday as I read your news about Lydia.