Saturday, August 29, 2009

Shop til she drops?

Robin and I have been pretty careful not to make Lydia into a girly girl. I am pretty girly myself, but we're holding off on the super, super girly stuff. Regardless, there are certain things I enjoy that I hope my little girl will share an appreciation for: coffee shops, maybe yoga, and of course, the little boutique.

I have been dreaming of a bracelet at Solid Gold since I saw it there about two weeks ago. Solid Gold is a small boutique on the east side of Austin. The owner, Katie Friedman, is really nice, and she does a great job of finding small designers and really cute clothes and accessories. A lot of the clothing is made with sustainable materials and it's all created using ethical labor practices--pretty impressive. I also like that the prices range from affordable to splurge-worthy. It's a great, great shop.

I am getting a bit of supplemental pay for the two days of meetings I was asked to attend before our contracted year started. Upon completion of my first week of school, I decided I deserved a gift, especially considering the little extra chunk of cash that will be coming with my paycheck on Monday, so I went back for the bracelet. I had promised Robin a day in which I would take care of Lydia so that he could get some work done, so I decided it was time for a milestone. Forget those consonants and recognizing her name. It was time for Lydia's first boutique experience.

Unfortunately, Katie wasn't there, but the woman working gushed and gushed over Lydia, who was sporting a very cute dress given to her by her Auntie Brittany, and Lydia hung out while I tried on the bracelet. She even started crying when we left. I think she might be a boutique girl, just like her mama.

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