Saturday, September 26, 2009

Date Night on the Cheap

Last night, a coworker and his partner very generously offered to take Lydia for an evening so that Robin and I could have a date night. It has been awhile since we were able to do this, and we really enjoyed our night out!! 

We opted to do a low-budget version and ended up at the Trailer Park and Eatery on South Congress. For those not familiar with Austin, the Trailer Park Eatery is a lot where there are lots of foods served out of, well, trailers. Since we were there last, they have added The Mighty Cone, which was earth-shatteringly good news to me. Why? Because they serve the Hot and Crunchy Chicken Cone, a food that I have always looked forward to eating at Austin City Limits. At ACL, all of the foods and beverages are made locally, and several high-end restaurants return to earth and make low-budget versions of what they serve. Hudson's on the Bend, a very swanky restaurant in the Hill Country has always served the Hot and Crunchy Cones, and now they have opened the year-round stand, The Mighty Cone. Truth be told, when Robin and I decided not to do ACL this year, the thing that I was first disappointed about was not having the opportunity to down several Hot and Crunchy Chicken Cones. Problem solved! Let's just say that anyone who comes and visits us will be escorted to The Mighty Cone, and I will be doing frequent quality-assurance checks.

We then wandered and browsed the shops on South Congress, went to Moonshine for drinks and dessert, and made a final stop at BookPeople to buy Lydia a book. (We settled on Scuffy the Tugboat.) We loved our time together and were so thankful to have had the opportunity! Thanks!

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