Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

Today marked the first of Lydia's second holidays. It was the first holiday in which we could remember last year and what we did, what Lydia wore, and where we were at.

We spent this Easter with friends and family, and we had a really lovely day. We went to a Sunrise service on the shores of Ladybird Johnson Lake, went to a egg hunt at cousin Cory and Rachael's house, took some pictures of Lydia in her Easter dress in a field of bluebonnets, and ended our day with dinner and wine with good friends Aaron, Jessica, and Aidan.

Our day in pictures:

So excited about the easter basket, she didn't realize a Cheerio was stuck to her face.

Lydia on the egg hunt. (She didn't do so much hunting as hitting eggs together.)

Cousins in Easter dresses!

The bluebonnets.

Dinner with Aidan. I didn't catch the final results of who won the eat-off.


  1. the bluebonnets :)

  2. The cheerio does add something to the outfit!!
    Perfect pic in the flowers.
    Can Lydia come to my house and play???

  3. I am so jealous of the Easter dresses. There's just no equivalent for little boys. The Easter sweater vest or Easter overalls just don't have the same feel...

  4. I love her dress! The patterns are great, I want an outfit with them.