Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lydia Updates

Lydia is:

**Sitting in her booster seat at the table.

**Loving her new facing-forward carseat in my car.

**Enjoying our new family dinner time. (Robin and I are slowly adjusting to eating at 6:30 rather than 9.)

**Standing very solidly. She can get into a standing position by herself and has also taken a few solid single steps.

**Thinking it hilarious to stand up and then fall forward into Robin or me.

**Cruising around our furniture like a crazy person.

**Walking behind her red car. (She usually looks a little happier about it than this photo indicates.)

**Pointing and grunting when she wants things. (She gets this from Uncle Markus.)

**Saying "Da-Doo!" (Daddy) and Dah!" (Dog).

**Done with bottles and on to sippy cups. (This was the case a month ago, I just forgot to mention it.)

**Having a hard time going to sleep without nursing, but that is a whole other post.

**Cutting her first molars. We can see them about to poke through at the back.

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