Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Done and Done

Lydia is officially weaned. She hasn't nursed in over two weeks, and we have completed the transition into our new nursing-free routines.

I found that initially, I was neglecting to replace the cuddle time that Lydia was getting, and it left both of us feeling a little deprived. We now cuddle in her rocker in the nursery in the morning, and she snuggles between Robin and I (or sometimes crawls all over us) before going to bed at night while we read books.

Ultimately, the two hardest things about weaning have been knowing that Lydia still loved to nurse when she was weaned and giving up the control and knowledge that I was providing her with important nutrients. The competitive side of me also is screaming that I threw in the towel before many other people do.

Let me say that all in all, I'm glad I'm done. I have more energy, I went bra shopping, and I don't miss the super-duper fun biting game that Lydia took to playing with my nipples. It was time to be done. In commemoration, Robin took photos of my last nursing session. I wanted photos of the way she played with my shirt, of how relaxed her hands look. It was one of the more endearing things about Lydia. I cropped one down so you can get the idea.


  1. We're almost done and I keep thinking that I need to take a photo! This is really beautiful.

  2. I first want to say good job and also welcome back to your body. And I know you don't need me to say this next part but I have to. You live in a tiny breast feedng world if you feel like so many women have breastfed longer than you. What you have done for Lydia is nothing short of amazing. It always makes me feel better to remember that stats show that at 6 months, only 14% of babies are still being breastfed. That number dwindles into the low single digits when you reach a year. You've done a great job!