Thursday, April 8, 2010

On the Docket

Several people have asked what Robin has been up to. It is no secret that work in his field is slow, and while people have always been a little confused as to what his job entails, now the lines are a little more blurred.

The night before Lydia was born, a house down the street from us burned down. My mom, dad, Robin, and I walked down to scope out the scene, but little did we know that the site would become Robin's next project. He and his dad have been working very diligently on a two-unit condo (somewhat similar to ours) on the lot, and it is progressing really well. I'm so proud of Robin and his talent, and I'm so thankful that he and his dad are doing this!

(Click on the photo below and it will bring you to the picasa album with photos of the site.)

Construction Photos

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