Saturday, December 8, 2012

Getting Ready for Baby?

This pregnancy is moving along rapidly. Baby G.'s due date is in a little over ten weeks, and we are absolultely, completely unprepared. Poor guy--when I was this pregnant with Lydia, we had purchased a crib, a stroller, had planned our nursery, all of those things. We have (kind of) moved all of the boxes that were being stored in the baby's bedroom to the basement, and we are interviewing doulas next week. I have a list of crafts I want to do for the nursery, but have yet to start any of them. Paint has been purchased, but it is still sitting in tightly sealed cans. On one hand, we learned with Lydia that so much of the prep you do before baby isn't actually needed in the first weeks and months of the baby's life. On the other, the nesting is fun and part of the excitement-building.

Our lives are so different from what they were four years ago, we just don't have time to prep and discuss and reflect the way we did for Lydia. Robin's work schedule is much more demanding (thankfully!), and we're already caring for one child. What would be baby prep time has been consumed by moving, settling in, my classes and homework.

It's a weird catch-22. I am savoring these last months of Lydia's only-childness. We've enjoyed being able to focus on her for these (almost) four years. At the same time, though, it is strange and a little sad to think of raising a child that we can't focus on in the same way that we have on Lyds. In the same way that there is no way to picture what your life will look like after you have your first child, I feel like I'm just not able to get my head around what things will look like once this little guy arrives and is thrown in to the mix.

This weekend, I am bound and determined to finish one baby crafting project. I think it might be a mobile for the baby's room. I also have some pillows in mind. We shall see, we shall see.

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  1. Since we kept the same nursery, I just picked out some new art for baby Owen and spent a lot of time sitting on the rocking chair in his nursery just talking to my belly. I guess my prep the second time around was more emotional and less project-based. I agree though--the projects really make the impending arrival seem more real!