Monday, December 31, 2012

Our Little Lamb

Lydia started Sunday school mid-November at Bethlehem Lutheran, the church down the street from us. She LOVES Sunday school, and I've enjoyed reconnecting with my Lutheran roots in a church that is progressive and community-minded.

The weekend before Christmas, Lydia participated in the Sunday School Christmas program. There was something so wonderfully Prairie Home Companion about the whole thing; it was in the church basement, kids were crowded onto risers, and Lydia dressed as a little lamb.

She did very well, especially considering she'd only been to Sunday school a handful of times before the program. She only opted out of one song, telling us later that she didn't know it. During the others, she sang and did the action, and she sat and behaved well when she was supposed to. Her funniest moment was during the opening processional to the riders when she saw me and said, "I want my headband!!" as the chain of children dragged her by. (I had taken it off when putting on her lamb hood.) Since the program, she has continued to sing her Christmas songs with gusto.

Lydia the Little Lamb


Lydia and her Sunday school classmates (minus a few)

Lydia and her good friend Marit, who is in the same class!

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  1. That was our church when we still lived in Minneapolis! I loved it. :)