Monday, December 31, 2012

Lydia's First Haircut

Some parents wait patiently for their child's first birthday to cut their hair. At Lydia's first birthday, she looked like this:
We began haircut talks about a year ago, but Lydia was adamant about not cutting her hair. Finally, in November, her friend Marit got a haircut, and this prompted Lydia to want one, too. A call was made to my cousin Shelly, and Lydia received her first haircut at Rocco Altobelli in the IDS Tower in downtown Minneapolis. We had the last appointment of the day, and Shelly made a big deal out of it--Lydia got the full salon experience. She had her hair washed and conditioned, cut, blow-dried, and then styled. She was SO proud of her new haircut, especially the curls. Thanks, Shelly! 

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  1. SOOOOOOO fun! Neither of ours had so much as a trim until their 3rd birthday, so I know how it is!
    Greatest Aunt Theresa