Monday, December 31, 2012


Robin usually looks at me like a crazy person when I say that this pregnancy has been easier, but physically, it has. I've gained less weight, avoided nausea for the most part, and have yet to puff up like a marshmallow (***knockonwood***). While emotionally, it has been far more challenging, my body seems to have coped much better with the hormonal changes brought on by growing a child.

The biggest challenge, far and away, is exhaustion. I am so, so tired. I was anemic when pregnant with Lydia, and I was sure that was the case this time around, but no. Just tired. The problem is compounded by Robin's and my work schedules. I have to leave the house by 6:40 AM to get to school on time, and Robin generally gets home around 6:45-7. He gets Lydia off to school in the morning, and I pick her up at 4 and make dinner most nights. By the time Robin gets home, you can practically scrape me off the ground. I know that lots of people deal with much more, but a twelve hour day between leaving the house and having parenting assistance in the evening has proven to be a lot.

This level of fatigue is really frustrating for me, especially as Baby G2 gets bigger and basic things like giving Lydia a bath or getting her into a grocery cart are becoming increasingly difficult. I just can't get done what I would like, and I can't be the active (not to mention patient) parent that I want to be. Yesterday I hit my breaking point as Robin returned from his second two-night trip away during the past two weeks, and as I drove out to Forest Lake to fulfill a commitment, I cried half the way. I'm just. so. tired.

Robin and I have had a lot of talks about knowing my limits and stopping when I know I'm about to go over the edge. This really isn't in my nature, and I tend to want to power through. As we go into these final seven-ish weeks, I'm going to really try to make some mental shifts.


  1. I, too, found the exhaustion to be overwhelming this second time around. I guess it comes from having to chase around a three year old while dealing with being pregnant. I also found that my pregnancy brain symptoms were much more exaggerated this time around. Pregnancy brain combined with mommy brain is a horrible combination.

    1. I totally agree. The pregnancy brain is much worse this time--I think. I can't even remember. Ugh.