Monday, December 31, 2012

Lydia the Gymnast

Last Christmas, Robin's parents gifted Lydia with gymnastics classes. True to form, we didn't enroll her right away, and she ended up starting GymKids classes at TAGS Gym in September. My cousin worked there, and we are glad we took her recommendation. Lydia's teacher, Ms. Linda, is a miracle worker with preschoolers, and gymnastics has been a wonderful experience for Lydia. She continued classes through December, and we are taking this session off and plan to re-enroll her next session so that she has something exciting to start up after the baby comes.

Gymnastics has made Lydia a lot more confident with physical movement; she does more climbing and experimenting with her body in a way that is really fun to see. As a tall girl myself, it is important that we start early developing not only coordination but confidence for her so that she is comfortable in her skin even as she towers over her peers. I also like that preschool gymnastics class help kids work on following directions in a sequence, taking turns, etc. Genetically, Lydia is not predisposed to be an Olympic gymnast--we are not joking when we say we think she'll be six feet tall--but it's been fun to watch her thrive in her first athletic endeavor!

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