Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Quiet House

Last night, Robin kept waking up because our house was so quiet. I was out like nothing, and Lydia has nearly solidified her 8 hr. sleep pattern. (She has hit at least 6 hrs. in a row for the past 10 nights, usually at least 7.) And of course, my mom, aunt, brother, and the two renegade shih-tzus were on the road to Minnesota.

Going back to work last week would have been infinitely harder if I would have had to leave Lydia at daycare. I'm just not quite ready for that step. My mom and Judy got Lydia on a nap schedule--she slept for two hours straight yesterday--and showered her with clothes, toys, and general affection. So thanks, Mom, Judy, and Markus... Robin, Lydia, and I really appreciate all that you did during the week!

We will be going to the airport today at 2 to pick up Robin's mom to take care of Lydia this week. Robin and I have been enjoying our quiet house for the 28 hrs. between my family's departure and his mom's arrival, but I am very excited to show Lydia off to Marie!

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