Friday, May 8, 2009

Wellness Check - Two Months

We brought Lydia in for her two month wellness check and immunizations. She is off the charts in weight at a hefty 14 lbs., 1 oz., in the 95th percentile of height at 23 1/2 inches, and the 95th percentile of head circumference. The pediatrician was very pleased with her growth and said that everything looked good.

We also talked to our pediatrician about a few things we had questions about--how we need to address the heat this summer and taking Lydia outside, when she can go swimming (of course this is a big question for me), and when we should start moving towards her soothing herself to sleep rather than us putting her to sleep by rocking her and then moving her to the crib. For the fellow new parents, she said that outside is okay during the summer as long as she is not in the sun, that we are not out for too long, and that we should avoid the hottest hours of the day. She said the concern with swimming has more to do with the sun than with the water, but that if we have an umbrella and a sunhat for her, swimming is okay as long as the water isn't super cool (Deep Eddy is okay, Barton Springs is probably too cold), and she suggested waiting a month or two before we begin working on self-soothing, which I think we are going to. (I realize that the whole self-soothing thing is really controversial, but that is the way we are leaning.)

Lydia also got her two month immunizations, which is never fun. We have preemptively given her Infant Tylenol in hopes of staving off an intense fever. So far, she seems a bit drowsy, but good.


  1. 14 pounds! Wow! That's awesome. Way to go, Lydia and Laurie!

  2. jake just had his 4 month check up and everyone keeps telling me how big he is at 14 lbs and 25 inches...they are about the same size. i bet you are getting quite the lifting workout with her. i am sorry the shots didn't go so well. The 2nd round was easier on him. We gave him Tylenol before we went this time.