Monday, July 13, 2009

4 Month Wellness Check

18 lb. 5 oz; Off the Charts
26 in; 95%
17" head; 95%

We had a great visit to Dr. Bell today. Lydia is growing and thriving, which is always good to hear! She also received her four-month shots  and is doing well so far. We talked to Dr. Bell because Lydia got so sick after her two-month shots, but Dr. Bell thought that her symptoms sounded more like the flu, especially since Robin and I were sick, also. Because of this, she felt comfortable going ahead with the recommended shot schedule instead of spacing them out, and we really trust her. (I also hated the idea of going in for shots more often than necessary. Lydia always looks so sweet, and I hate watching her face switch from a smile to a scream when they give her the injection.) 

Here's the lowdown from our visit. We had lots of questions, and Dr. Bell gave us lots of answers!

--Lydia is only 3.5 lbs. away from needing to transition to a "big girl" car seat. We will need to buy one that can face both forward and backward, since she won't be able to face forward until she is 1 year at the earliest.

--Dr. Bell felt comfortable with us jogging with Lydia in the BOB without her infant seat when she turns five months, since her head control is so good. I am really excited about this, because the infant seat makes the stroller a lot heavier and harder to maneuver!

--We are going to begin transitioning Lydia out of her swaddle, so that when she turns five months, we can begin "sleep training," or teaching her how to self-sooth when she goes to sleep. (Until then, we will continue with our current pattern of bedtime routine and then rocking her to sleep before we place her in the crib.) 

And the best news yet...

--Dr. Bell felt that Lydia is reading for solids!!! Yes, it is early, but because she is wanting to eat so often (whenever I will offer it to her) and has hit most of the markers that indicate she is ready (she has doubled her birth weight, is interested in our food when we eat, and has good head control), we are going to try rice cereal later this week. (Because she got sick from the shots last time, we don't want to risk her getting sick tonight and not knowing whether or not the shots or the rice cereal caused it.) We bought her cereal and baby spoons today!  
A totally unsuspecting Lydia right before the nurse came in to give her her 4-month immunizations.

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