Monday, July 27, 2009

Getting to Know Lydia I

In post shortly after Lydia was born, Robin wrote that we would get to know her better than anyone else. Here are some things that we know about Lydia that you may not!

1.) Lydia sneezes in the sun. She gets this from the Hahn side. She usually sneezes twice and only when the sun shines right on her face.

2.) Lydia likes to be held upright, usually facing out.

3.) Lydia's best friend is Stanley. She loves watching him fetch the ball, and whenever he comes near her, she just stares. Yesterday, I was laying with her on the bed and Stanley was laying next to her. I thought Lydia was joyously chewing on her hand, but I looked and realized she was chewing on his tail. He didn't seem to mind.

4.) Lydia loves the TV. If it is on while she is in the room, she will crane her neck to get a peek. I asked her pediatrician at what point television would start rotting Lydia's brain, she said, "Now. Turn it off." She said it was "artificial stimulation." So much for sneaking a little BravoTV during the day! Thank goodness for DVR!

5.) Lydia has taken to shoving her fingers in her mouth while we feed her rice cereal. I put a spoonful in, and she follows it with her fingers. This has made it difficult to get her to actually eat the cereal. We found a solution when we realized if we leave the spoon in her mouth, she grabs the handle of the spoon and holds it instead. It makes her look like she is very carefully feeding herself!

Stay tuned!

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