Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Shortly after Lydia was born, our friend Jessica was visiting with her little boy, Aidan, when she discovered he had cut his first tooth. Until then, I hadn't realized that you can usually feel a baby's tooth before you can see it. In the past week or so, I've taken to occasionally feeling Lydia's gums to see if there is a tooth there. I haven't really expected one to show up for awhile, but it's always fun to check.

Today, I found something. I think. I am not sure. This is when first-time parenting makes me feel like an idiot. I am not even sure if what I found is the beginning of a tooth. It is on her gum where her top front left tooth will be, but it is not on the ridge of the gum like pictures show. (Yes, I googled for images of "cutting teeth.") But it feels differently than any other part of her gums. Lydia will be accompanying me to book club with my Lanier English colleagues this afternoon, so I am going to have one of the more seasoned parents check it out. I know all of these babies with adorable front teeth; what if Lydia's first tooth is a snaggle?!?!

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