Thursday, July 23, 2009

Foot in Mouth

I am exhausted. This weekend, I went over to tell our realtor (who I actually really like), who was holding an open house in the for-sale unit of the duplex that I was putting Lydia down for a nap, and she might cry. I explained that we're doing self-soothing/cry-it-out, and naps don't always go well. She responded, "Oh, is that why you look so tired?" I laughed and said that actually, Lydia is sleeping at night better than she ever has before, so no. I haven't been feeling super well, so that might be it. I keep forgetting that Lydia has decided her wake-up time is 6 AM and going to bed too late, so that might be it. It might be the stress of dwindling work in Robin's field, lower cash flow, not selling the duplex yet. I guess I just look tired. Thanks for the reminder!

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