Wednesday, July 22, 2009


are Lydia's newest favorite thing. Most experts say not to let babies sleep with a blanket until they are at least one year old, but I give them to Lydia to play with when we are hanging out. She rubs them on her face, chews on them, and generally loves them. Yesterday I had some fun with the camera, and these are some of my favorite photos of Lydia to date. (I just might say that every time... )


  1. I think the pictures of her in the gopher garb are still better. There she realizes that being a Gopher fan requires a variety of emotions...typically not including joy over the close victory. Thinks why I think the pouty face is the most fitting. But most importantly, it's clear that she is loyal to the end. SKI-U-MAH!

  2. The fourth totally made me smile! I love that big grin!

  3. I love the coy smile in the last one. A flirt! :)

    For what it's worth, I break a lot of the rules, including the blanket one. Drew is a cuddler, and loves to rub a blaket on his face.