Friday, July 17, 2009


Immunizations - We managed to keep ahead of it this time by giving her Tylenol on the way to the pediatrician's , and Lydia never even had a temperature. No throwing up or anything else, either.

Diapers - We are trying to stick with chlorine-free diapers, so we tried Earth's Best on the recommendation from Jenny, and they are working much better. It must just be a baby-to-baby thing, because we know lots of people that have been very happy with Seventh Generation.

Sleeping - Self-soothing is going very well! Lydia slept last night from 7:30-7:10 this morning. It took about ten minutes to fall asleep (Robin went in and patted and shhhhh-ed her once) and woke up for about 10 minutes in the middle of the night with the same drill. Napping is falling into place also, but a little more slowly.

Solids - Lydia is doing great with the rice cereal, and it is so cute to watch her open her mouth in anticipation of the spoon! We are going to go to AM and PM "meals" next week, and then introduce a vegetable the following week. We have American Academy of Pediatric's Guide to Your Child's Nutrition on the way to figure out what veggie to try, how much, etc.

Life is good!

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