Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Big Baby...

I have been relishing my newfound freetime while Lydia naps, so I apologize for not posting. I have some great photos coming, and I will try to post them soon. Today was not an awesome day, napwise, but other than that, she is doing really well. She has slept 10+ hrs. a night for one solid week, and usually gets in two good naps a day in her crib, which is better than ever before.

I think sleeping is a positive side-effect of having a big baby. I'm sure there are other side-effects, but mostly right now big baby = big expenses. Like clothes. And a big-girl carseat. And a plus-size bumbo chair, because her thighs are getting too big for the bumbo she is using now. (I have heard the Prince Lionheart chair is a little more forgiving, and Lydia still loves the bumbo.)

I have gotten over feeling strangely guilty when people are shocked at how big Lydia is or how much she weighs. (For awhile, there was this part of me that longed for the "She's so tiny!" comments that so many babies get.) It's now more a point of pride. Recently, I've noticed a different trend. A friend told me shortly after Lydia was born that people tend to have higher expectations of bigger babies in terms of meeting milestones, and it seems to be true. As far as motor skills, Lydia has been hitting them a bit earlier than the books say, but yesterday, two people asked me if she was crawling. Crawling!!! She is four months old!! I'm pretty excited that she is close to sitting up and can bear weight on her legs. Even in the What to Expect in the First Year "Your baby may even be able to..." section, crawling is not mentioned in month four, and it's only a slight possibility in month five. Seriously, people. The girl is four months old. Let's lay off the pressure!

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