Monday, April 20, 2009

Gender Bending?

Apparently, Lydia looks like a boy. We do not always dress her in pink, though most of her clothes are pretty girly. Despite the flowers, ruffles, or what have you, people repeatedly ask, "How old is he?" One woman at Old Navy told me, "What a beautiful baby boy," to which I replied, "Actually, she's a girl, but yes, we think she's very pretty." The woman said, "Well, she's a pretty girl, too."

I really don't care that people think she looks like a boy. I am more irritated that the default for a baby not dressed in pink is masculine. Just say, "What a beautiful baby!"


  1. Oh, I don't really know about that non-pink = boys thing because Aidan is often dressed in blue or brown and is still often referred to as "she," even as recently as Sunday night. It could be a hair thing?? I mean, let's face it, hair is so girly.

  2. That blows my other theory of size--that maybe bigger babies were assumed to be boys. Perhaps it is the hair. :)

  3. at least it's complete strangers confusing the gender of your baby and not your own husband. :)