Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lydia Goes to Lanier

I forgot the camera for this occasion, but yesterday I went up to visit my coworkers at Lanier and introduce them to Lydia. I also was able to check in with my sub and was really impressed with how well she is doing! (We all remember the way we treated substitute teachers. Only now do I realize how difficult the job is!) I am fortunate to have a substitute that is very invested in the kids; she has worked hard to make the lesson plans I left her own, and I was really impressed with the work the kids had done under her direction!

This morning I returned to Lanier to visit one of my English classes and my advisory with Lydia in tow. The kids seemed very excited to see the baby, which was a lot of fun. One student who won my heart quickly this year earned extra bonus points when she said, "Miss! Look at your stomach!" (The kids never saw me not pregnant, though I didn't let them in on the fact that I was pregnant until a few weeks into the school year, despite pounding Maalox and Preggie Pop Drops in an effort to ease my morning sickness during class.) I'm going to try to make it in to visit all of my classes; I promised the kids I would before I left on maternity leave. It's also somewhat of a self-esteem boost. Students always love you infinitely more when you are no longer their teacher.

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