Sunday, April 12, 2009

One Month--and a first to commemorate it!

Lydia is one month old, and I think we all have fared pretty well! Last night, I had my first pang of sadness, realizing how fast time is passing and how fast she is growing and changing. It is a strange feeling--looking forward to the days when Lydia will smile and laugh and start responding to us more overtly, but at the same time feeling sad that she is no longer the teeny (at least to us) newborn that she was on March 12th.

On that note, Robin and I are pretty sure that we witnessed her first smile this morning! I came downstairs after showering and went to Lydia and smiled at her, and we both saw a smile in return! Of course, I was so excited about the smile that I screamed and scared her, and the smile quickly turned into a startled look of fear. We are looking forward to more!

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