Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Workout #1: Check

After getting clearance from my doctor today, I began my "Couch to 5k" workout program this evening when Robin got home. Lydia is still too young to run with in the jogging stroller, so Robin took care of her while I went out for 30 minutes with Stanley in tow.

I consider myself to be a fairly active person, so it embarrasses me to admit to what I now consider a "workout." In Couch to 5k, the whole idea is that your workout should never hurt. They say that as soon as you come to expect pain or discomfort with your workout, it becomes significantly more difficult to become motivated and stay true to a program--things like muscle soreness and general dread become problems. Keeping this in mind, I felt like I needed to be gentle on both my body and ego.

I started the first week last week, because I was okay to walk and the first week did not include running. This evening, I completed week 2 workout 1, which is walking for 27 minutes and walking for 3.  Yes, 3. And today, this was a push for me. I think my joints are still recovering from carrying all of the extra weight during pregnancy (I never had joint pain while I was pregnant, but they would feel fatigued much faster than usual), and my core muscles are all out of whack. I tried to really move during the walking periods, so that I did manage to work up a bit of a sweat. I will take tomorrow off and do the second workout on Thursday. While it is hard on the ego to basically start over with cardio workouts, I am very hopeful about this workout program and look forward to modeling exercise as part of a normal daily routine for Lydia.

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