Thursday, April 9, 2009


Lydia has been out and about quite a bit in her four weeks living in the outside world! She has successfully been to:

-Thunderbird Coffee (several times)
-The Austin's Farmer's Market
-Old Navy
-Central Market (once with a small meltdown)
-Kerbey Lane Cafe
-Tarrytown Methodist Church for Palm Sunday
-The Domain, including the Apple Store
-The Tanger Outlet Mall
-El Chile
-Genuine Joe's Coffeehouse (and was a perfect angel while Mom realized she had nothing to pay for her latte which was already made. I had a pacifier, blanket, diapers, and wipes, but no cash. Thank goodness they know me well and took a tab.)

And after yesterday, add Elizabeth, Brian, and Oliver the Inside Baby's house. (We are still waiting for Oliver to decide to become an outside baby and make his grand appearance. He has decided to be fashionably late.) I went over to visit Elizabeth, who has started maternity leave. We had a lovely afternoon and even took a walk using Oliver's stroller and carrier. I also enjoyed checking out their nursery, which is absolutely adorable! Lydia also entertained Elizabeth with her latest trick. This involves grunting, wriggling, and generally screaming while trying to poop. Oh, Lydia. Thank goodness for friends that are cool with screaming, pooping babies!

Finally, here is Lydia chilling on the patio this morning. It's a beautiful day in Austin!

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  1. 1. How do you get scarves to stay on your head?! It must be head shape. They always slide right off the back of mine. Anyway, yours is cute.

    2. I'm so jealous of the shorts outside. I need heat!