Friday, April 10, 2009

Wellness Check - One Month and Props to Dr. Bell and the Baby Whisperers

Lydia is officially a huge girl. She weighs 10 lbs., 15.5 ozs. and is 22 1/2 inches long. Her weight, height, and head circumference are all in the 90-95th percentiles. Her weight has increased nearly 3 lbs. from her 5-day check when she was so low; that's a 37% increase in just over three weeks! She also passed her newborn screen, which tests for about 20 rare disorders found in infants. Finally, she was given her second Hepatitis B vaccine (the first was given in the hospital when she was one day old.) 

We really love our pediatrician, Dr. Anna Bell. She is very patient and answers all of our questions thoroughly. She also is very good at making us feel like capable caretakers of an infant. She is so good with Lydia; she is able to go about her exams while keeping Lydia totally calm  and fuss-free. Finally, today sealed the deal with how much I love her nurses; the nurse was able to give Lydia her shot so well that Lydia only cried for about three seconds. That's right--three. At Lydia's last check, she was able to draw blood from her heel without making Lydia cry at all. That is pretty amazing!

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