Monday, March 2, 2009

Dropping the ball?

The newest observation in my life is over my has-yet-to-drop belly. According to several sources, the baby should drop, an occurrence also referred to as lightening, 2-3 weeks before delivery in first-time moms. Let's hope this is not an indication of how much longer I have to do. I am really ready to have this baby out of me.

I also dropped the ball this weekend when I woke up Sunday morning with a flu-like symptoms and a little bit of a temperature. Robin and I had planned to have his cousin Anne Michelle and her husband Tristan along with their daughter Sofia over for brunch. After calling to cancel, I preceded to spend the entire day upstairs on the futon and did not start feeling better until today. It was not enjoyable.

Finally, let's hope that tomorrow my students perform a recovery rather than drop anything, as they are taking their TAKS, otherwise known as the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills. For those that are not familiar, this is the test that determines whether or not our school is performing adequately, as well as whether or not a student is able to graduate. For some schools, the TAKS is not a big deal at all. For ours, our population of language learners makes it a very big deal. I am trying my hardest to let this go and trust that I have done all I can. Please send prayers, blessing, positive energy--whatever is your thing--in the direction of Lanier high school tomorrow!


  1. Hi, I just figured out I can comment on your posts! Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I wasn't dialated or efaced before I went into labor and Ella never dropped...and she was still a day early. Doesn't help with your mental preparation, huh? I'm wishing your students luck on their tests. Take care!!!

  2. The road to Bethel College off from Snelling Ave is Lydia Drive. Just some interesting trivia. Uncle Dave