Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tiny Love

Lydia and I have a new best friend: the Tiny Love Symphony in Motion Mobile. This little contraption has allowed Lydia morning naps for the past two days. In fact, yesterday, she didn't so much as nap as just chill under the mobile while it played Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart to her. This morning it aided in her first real nap in her crib, a nap that continues as I write. The mobile is my best friend because it has now afforded me one shower (soon to be two), one load of dishes, two (hopefully three) loads of laundry, and some time with my laptop. Amazing!


  1. Wow! I'm whipping out the Visa as we speak. ;) Glad to hear things have been going well and I'm loving all the updates!

  2. Only if it would play her ssxophone concerti, or Mahler.

  3. We also bought this mobile after you told us how much Aidan loves his. I hope Oliver proves to be as big of a fan.