Sunday, March 22, 2009


We are fairly sure the Curry Catastrophe of 2009 has ended. The 36 hours following the initial infiltration of curry was probably the most trying we have had since bringing Lydia home. She was just so uncomfortable and unhappy. She is now eating well and no longer quite as "explosive" as yesterday. I think Robin and I weathered the catastrophe well, but it was not without some "I must be a terrible mother if I can't even calm down my own baby" and "She must hate me because she won't stop crying" moments. Thankfully, those moments have passed.

We also discovered Gripe Water at a remote location--our local Target. To be fair, we did not actually discover Gripe Water, but were told about it by both our pediatrician and Jessica, mom to Aidan. Gripe Water contains ginger and fennel and helps colicky babies. Within minutes of giving it to Lydia, she looked calmer than she has looked since Friday. Ahhhh. (That is my sigh of relief.) 

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