Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Outing #2 - Thunderbird Coffee!

After her weight check at the pediatrician's office, we decided it was time for Lydia to experience a rite of passage--her first coffee date. We walked down to Thunderbird Coffee, a coffee shop a few blocks down our street. I haven't had a caffeinated beverage since I was 24 weeks pregnant with Lydia--she had an arrhythmia and the perinatalogist suggested completely cutting out caffeine. Robin and I enjoyed our time out, and I am hoping that this is the first of many coffee dates to come with my little girl.

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  1. Laurie and Robin,

    Grandpa Hahn told me to check out your blog this evening. So, here I am. CONGRATULATIONS on your beautiful baby girl. I know you will be great parents.

    Best Wishes!!