Friday, March 13, 2009

One Day Old

It's now about 3:00 PM on March 13th; just over 36 hours after Laurie's first contractions early Thursday morning. I will let her tell the details of the birth story, but I will preface it by saying how amazed I am at her and our little baby Lydia! Laurie plowed through a powerful and fast-moving labor like she had done it a dozen times before in another life. She maintained calm and confident not only in her ability to deal with the pain, but also in the education that we've had and the knowledge of our Doula to bring us to the hospital when the time was right. She was incredible!

Lydia Cecille is the most beautiful thing I've ever laid my eyes on. Feeling her coo in my arms is otherworldly and makes you forget about just about everything else in life. More than anything I've ever been excited about in my life, I look forward to getting to know her in a way only Laurie and I will know her; watching her evolve before our eyes into a beautiful, unique individual.

There will be many more (so many more that we will all wonder what we ever talked about before Lydia was born); but heres a few photos to start with:

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