Friday, March 27, 2009

Moving on Up!

Lydia spent her first night in her nursery last night. After the pediatrician told us that she was at her birth weight, we felt a little more comfortable having her in her crib. Of course, she woke up three times instead of the one to two times of the previous few nights, but it was nice having her in her own room where either Robin or I could take care of her and put her to back to bed without waking the other.

Here is Lydia in her crib, sporting her Miracle Blanket, a gift from a friend from my family's church in Forest Lake. Lydia seems to only sleep when swaddled, and the Miracle Blanket has shown to stay in place the best. She looks like a little caterpillar in a cocoon!
Also note the little pad underneath her. My friend Anna gave us these; they are a felt-like material that has plastic in it. If Lydia has a blow-out in the middle of the night, we only have to change the little pad! How clever is that?
(Yes, I realize the picture is sideways, but Robin is not home to help me figure out the crazy Picasa application on our computer. I will fix it later, I promise.)

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