Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lydia + Titaya's = Long Day for All

Last night, we enjoyed dinner with two couples, Jessica and Aaron and Elizabeth and Brian. Jessica and Aaron's son Aidan is six months old and Brian and Elizabeth are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their son Oliver in the next two weeks. It was a great evening; Robin and I have been fortunate to have had visitors that keep us from feeling too isolated. There's also something really wonderful about hearing other people's experiences with babies.

We ordered from Titaya's, a thai restaurant nearby that Robin and I really like. My standby has always been Gang Garee, a yellow curry dish. Sadly, we realized that while I am a huge fan of this, Lydia is not. She was extremely fussy all day and had some interesting(?) digestive things going on. Looks like I will be finding a new standby from Titaya's that involves a little less spice.

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