Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wellness Check Update

We brought Lydia back to the pediatrician to make sure she was gaining weight. Yesterday, she weighed 8 lbs., down 13% from her initial birthweight. Usually, the healthy cutoff is 10%. Today, she had packed on almost 6 ozs., so she is right back where she needs to be. We figured out that while the milk had come in and was flowing well on my left side, it had yet to be in full working order on the right, so she was only getting half of the feeding time we thought. Between the weight gain and a healthy number of dirty diapers today, the pediatrician is confident that she is doing well. We might bring her in on Friday for another weight check, but that is to ease our (or my) peace of mind; the doctor was fine with waiting until her two-week appointment. Also, her bilirubin has not gone up, and the doctor thought that between today and yesterday, she was already looking less yellow. All in all, a good day at the doctor for Lydia!

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