Thursday, August 19, 2010

Days with Daddy and Daycare Update

The transition to Robin being home with Lydia has gone well. Earlier this week, we had a discussion about whether keeping Lydia home two days a week is more for her benefit or for Robin's. We came to the conclusion that we like her getting the time at home as long as it's an option and Robin is content with the arrangement, and this week confirmed that both he and Lydia love their days together. Today they went to Hamilton Pool and swam, and Lydia was extra playful and brave in the water. On Tuesday, they finger painted

and then went for a dip in the wading pool.

As an update, Lydia is really thriving in the toddler room at her new daycare. She is smiley and happy when she gets there, and yesterday when I picked her up, she walked me into her room, let go of my hand, and played some more. I had to coax her out of the room to go home. According to her teachers, she especially loved Splash Day and really likes playing with the baby dolls. She also enjoys washing her hands and playing in the sink. Napping has been successful on the cot, but her teacher did tell me that she is usually one of the last to go to sleep. Also, she LOVES her new backpack; backpack ("bah-pah") is one of her new words!

Here's Lydia on her first day of school!


  1. Our baby is growing too fast. She is adorable.

    Grandma Jeanette

  2. Aidan is one of the last ones to go to sleep in his room. He's been that way for a long time. They are just so interested in what is going on. It's the curiosity.

    I'm glad that it is all going so well. We, too, often have to just tell Aidan we are leaving and head for the door to get him to go with us. He's too busy playing and showing us all his toys.