Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Epic Roadtrip Blog Installment #1

Since we were away for nearly a month, it's going to take awhile for me to get everything we did posted, so be ready for some installments. I'll try to cover our trip while still posting about what's going on here in Austin. I have about two weeks before I go back to school, so Lydia and I have lots of summer fun in store before then.

As I said, my mom and I drove to Minnesota over two days. The trip went perfectly, and I have to say that my mom was an excellent travel partner. We arrived the evening of July 2nd so that I could enjoy some of the Fourth of July festivities in Forest Lake, my hometown. (When the 4th falls on a Sunday, Forest Lake does all of their big events on the 3rd.) My dad, Uncle Hap, and Aunt Jean went to the parade while my mom and Aunt Judy hung with Lydia.

We spent some time with my Grandma Gloria, and she and Lydia played the piano together!

Lydia and I met Kelsey, Andy, and Drew the Adventure Baby at Annie's, a malt shop in Dinkytown, the commercial district near the University of Minnesota. Robin and I were in the same Freshmen Orientation Group with Kelsey and Andy before we even knew each other, we lived with them in Middlebrook Hall, and Robin and Andy lived together for a year in a rather memorable college boy house. We had a great time catching up, talking parenting, and getting to know their little guy.

We spent some time at Como Zoo with Aunt Heidi before the sky opened up and rained on us. It was the first of three visits to a zoo during our travels, and by the end, Lydia really got into looking at the animals.

As always, I went into the trip thinking I had more time than I actually did. No matter how long our stay in the Twin Cities area, we absolutely never see everyone we love and miss so much, and this is something that both frustrates and saddens me. To those we missed: please know that we think of you often and can't wait until our next opportunity to spend some time together!

Next Installment: The Lundborgs and Cousin Ella!!!

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