Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hanging with Oliver

This evening, Elizabeth, Brian, and Oliver joined us for dinner. It has been far too long since we saw the three of them in one place, and our little babies have definitely grown into toddlers! They were all over the place!! We have come a long time since this photo was taken, when Lydia was a few days old and Oliver was still an "inside baby."

They played together so well, and Robin and I loved catching up with Elizabeth and Brian. We are so thankful to have such great friends in Austin.

Elizabeth and Brian both read to Lydia while they were here. They are two of the most well-read people I know, so Lydia upped her game by bringing them lots of books to read and they kindly obliged!
We ventured outside and I managed to get ANOTHER photo of two toddlers looking at the camera--kind of.

Oliver showed us his "jumping." I wish you could see his feet, because despite his sheer elation, his feet didn't quite leave the floor!

This is what the evening felt like and what most of my pictures look like...

with the rare exception of this one, when I was able to catch the moment that Oliver gave Lydia a hug!! So cute!

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  1. So much fun! I can't believe how grown up our kiddos are. How much fun are they?