Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Epic Roadtrip Installment #7

After Madison, we were on to Chicago to spend a few days with Mike and Britt. Mike willingly played telephone with Lydia, and she (we) were THRILLED with the present they had waiting for her. Play sushi!!!

We took Lydia downtown... this is one of my favorite photos.

And we made a stop at the bean in Millennium Park. Lydia was super into it. Can't you tell?

This next photo was after the security guard scolded me for standing in the water. Oops!

Things that didn't make the photos: the Lincoln Park zoo, a great night out to a fantastic Italian restaurant, Lydia gagging and throwing up guacamole in a restaurant that almost didn't let Mike and Britt in because they had Lydia with them (they took her ahead so Robin and I could take care of some things), my excitement when I found ONE skirt that I loved, in exactly my size, marked 50% off at Anthropologie, delicious take-out in Mike and Britt's living room, and wonderful conversation with two people we love dearly.

We love Chicago, and we love Mike and Britt!

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  1. I adore the pic of the 3 of you with the bean. You're such a great photog. Wanna take pics of me + 2 squirmy pups? :)