Monday, August 30, 2010

Pease Park Sprinkler Pad

During the past few weeks, we have discovered the sprinkler pad at Pease Park near downtown Austin. It is an awesome spot to bring children. They have about nine or ten different types of sprinklers or water features, and kids just play and play. Like so many good things in Austin, it's free! We went there two weeks ago with Jessica and Aidan, and yesterday we stopped by a second time. During our first visit, I had to leave early, so I cribbed some of Jessica's photos. If you're in or around Austin and have kiddos to entertain, I highly recommend a visit.

Lydia found her courage with water!!

Jessica and Aidan after running through the fountain.

Lydia and her daddy.

Relief from the summer heat.

Aidan and Lydia.

Wondering where the water went.

Right after sticking her face in the water.

Love them.

Lydia and Aidan playing with the chimes.


  1. Love the "all gone" hands in the picture of Aidan & Lydia...what a couple of buddies!

    Gramma Mree

  2. Lydia has so much fun!!
    At least she can get wet with no
    life jacket on!
    See you guys in a few months.