Thursday, August 5, 2010

Epic Roadtrip Installment #3

After spending five wonderful days in Forest Lake, my parents, Lydia, Stanley, and I packed up and drove to their cabin. I hadn't been to the cabin in nearly two years, so I was so excited to spend time on the boat, swimming, laying in the hammock, and relaxing, and I was also looking forward to Robin's arrival with my brother, Markus as they wrapped up their own epic road trip and met us at the lake. The beautiful thing about the cabin is that days kind of blend together, so instead of a play-by-play, I'll just post a handful of my favorite pictures from our time there, and say that we scored five perfect days of Minnesota bliss--and I don't take the word bliss lightly.

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  1. Now *that* is an adorable swimsuit, Laurie, and I love the photo of Lydia holding The Stan's leash. Great pics!