Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Epic Roadtrip Installment #4

After the cabin, Robin and I headed back to Forest Lake to spend some time with some friends and hang out in St. Paul and Minneapolis, the cities we love so dearly. We got together with Jess and Sarah and their beautiful and good-natured little boy Sam. Sam and I became super good friends... it took us awhile that he wasn't getting fresh--he just liked the way my shirt felt!

We spent an great family day in St. Paul, having lunch at Moe's Burgers as a belated Father's Day gift to my dad and checking out the Minnesota Children's Museum, using our membership to the Austin Children's Museum. The two museums have reciprocity, so Robin, Lydia, and I had free admission!

Lydia's not so sure about this... but Grandpa loves it!

Building with the ice blocks in the climate-themed toddler's area. It was adorable!

My dad shares season tickets to the Twins, and I was lucky enough to get to join him for a game at Target Field!!! It was absolutely gorgeous. I love the Twins and loved watching them play in the Metrodome, but this stadium takes sports spectatorship to a whole new level. It is amazing, and in my opinion, should top the list of things people should do when they visit Minneapolis. This was the view from my dad's seats, looking down the First Baseline. The stadium sits right downtown.

Before we headed to Madison, Robin, Lydia, and I enjoyed breakfast with a college friend, Dave, his wife Rachel, and their adorable daughter, Hazel at Trotter's in St. Paul. Hazel was so good-natured and sweet, and we loved getting to know Rachel and catching up with Dave.

Hazel gives Lydia a kiss...

We also enjoyed spending time with good friends, Kayla and Casey, and their main men, Stefan and Mike, and we loved checking out their neighborhoods. Kayla fed us a delicious summer meal and introduced me to the amazing thing that is a mint gin fizz and took us on a walk in her neighborhood and showed us her community garden. Casey and Mike also made a delicious meal and we loved seeing their home and neighborhood. Both nights, as we drove home, we talked about how we can see ourselves heading North in the relatively near future. We just love so many things about Minnesota so much.

Next up: Madison with Grandpa Dale, Gramma Mree, and Aunt Elise

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