Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Epic Roadtrip Installment #2

Still in Forest Lake at this point, you can see that vacation is suiting me well. My parents were so excited to see Lydia that I was able to run about on my own, getting coffee, going shopping, reading, and even sleeping in. One of the things that is most difficult about living in Austin is the lack of grandparents nearby. Both Robin's parents and my parents are incredibly willing to take Lydia when we ask, but unfortunately, those opportunities only arise when we are visiting in Minnesota or Wisconsin, or they are visiting us. Therefore, I jumped at the opportunity for free childcare and personal time.

So, the Lundborgs. Barb, Jim, Andrew, and Britta Lundborg have been my parents' neighbors for as long as I can remember and they are an integral part of my childhood memories, my life in Minnesota, and what I think of when I think of a neighborhood. They are blog readers (hi, Barb and Jim!!), so it was very special to walk across the lawn for a cup of tea, this time with Lydia in tow, and spend the morning with them. We had a wonderful time reminiscing and catching up on life's events. Lydia clearly sensed how comfortable I am with Barb, Jim, and Britta, and she made herself right at home!

Finally, before we headed to the cabin, my mom, Lydia, and I headed down to spend an afternoon and evening with my cousin Melissa and her daughter, Ella. We marveled at Ella's growth, progress, and amazing head of hair, walked to Minnehaha Falls, splashed in the nicest public wading pool I've ever seen, and had an awesome dinner at Sea Salt, an outdoor cafe right in the middle of Minnehaha Falls State Park. We enjoyed beautiful weather, a fantastic meal, and live music!

Next Installment: Lydia takes on Lake Clitherall!!

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