Sunday, August 22, 2010

Epic Roadtrip Installment #6

While In Madison, we went to the Henry Vilas Zoo. It was a nicely organized and maintained zoo, and it was free! I was excited to see that Lydia seemed to get the hang of the zoo-going activities since it was her second visit to a zoo during our travels.

She willing put her face in the gorilla photo op...

and she looooved Cousin Brenna. In fact, she kept wanting to go to Brenna over me. If I didn't like Brenna so much, it would have hurt my feelings!

She watched the animals with daddy. These zoo trips were the impetus for our backpack purchase to carry her in. Lydia is getting too heavy to carry for long periods of time, and we wanted her high up so she could see the animals.

This picture is amazing. If you look on the other side of the glass, you can see the tiger that was pacing back and forth along the glass wall. Lydia was so interested in this tiger, and it was within inches of her. I think this was what helped her realize that the purpose of a zoo is to find the animals in the exhibits and watch them. She was very, very excited about this tiger!

She fed the goats, something I have never been brave enough to do.

Gratuitous animal photo...

and adorable photo of Lydia walking with Gramma Mree and Cousin Brenna.

And hung with Great Aunt Theresa. Theresa was a teacher, so I always love and appreciate her insight and knowledge about children. She has been right on about pretty much everything, and I'm not just saying this because I know she reads this blog. (Hi, Theresa!) It was at the zoo that we decided to buy a Little Tykes kitchen, at Theresa's suggestion!

We ended the visit with Lydia's first ride on a carousel. She was hesitant at first but relaxed as the ride went on.

Robin and Elise joined in the fun

and Gramma Mree spotted.

All in all, a great Madison day at the zoo!!!

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  1. Maybe you should teach Lydia to call me "GREATEST Aunt Theresa"?