Monday, August 23, 2010

Stanley Update

Stanley is doing well. He is eating well, moving normally, and showing no signs of any neurological damage. We will continue to give him pain meds and antibiotics through the week, but we feel confident that he's going to be fixed up in no time!

Several people have expressed concern about the dog next door. Without any prompting from us, our neighbors have enrolled him in obedience classes to counter any aggressive tendencies. We feel confident that they are taking the issue as seriously as we are.

Thank you for your concern!! Yesterday was a rough one, but we're a household of generally happy campers at the moment!

Here's Lydia serving Stanley a cup of tea. She wanted to make sure he felt better. :)


  1. I'm so glad to hear that Stanley is doing well and that Lydia is busy nursing him back to health!

  2. That Lydia...she is such a wonderful little girl. She is one of Stanley's "people" and knows that he needs help.

    Grandma Jeanette

  3. Thanks for sharing the good news...Stanley has such a great spirit...a perfect companion for Lydia...Super dog & super kid.

    Grandpa Rich